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Prevent Sump Pump Failure with a Few Simple Tips

If your home has a sump pump, then it might be the last line of defense between your home and flooding. The purpose of a sump pump is pumping away excess flood water out of your cellar, or away from the foundation. Standing water can cause catastrophic damage to wood, cement, and other basic building materials, so the sump pump gets rid of it steadily.

Needless to say, you need your sump pump to work correctly at all times. But an overworked, incorrectly installed, damaged, or defective sump pump may fail without notice. By following a few tips from Casco Plumbing LLC and our sump pump plumbers in Winchester, though, you can help prevent sump pump failure.

Remember and follow these sump pump maintenance tips to avoid a failing sump pump:

  • Battery backup: A leading reason for sump pump failure is quite a simple problem: the power went out. In a bad storm that requires you to turn on your home’s sump pump, powerlines can get damaged and throw your entire neighborhood into a blackout. You should purchase either a backup generator for your entire home, or a backup battery for your sump pump in particular. The cost for a battery backup is certain to be less than foundation repairs and home restoration due to water damage.
  • Sump pump size and position: A top-of-the-line sump pump can become useless if it is the wrong size for your property, or if it is installed in the wrong spot. You should ask a local plumber to come inspect your sump pump to make certain it is installed correctly, and that its model can handle the demand. During the inspection, you should have key components of the sump pump reviewed for normal wear-and-tear, too. For example, the float switch usually sees the most use, so it can wear out sooner than any other part.
  • Use only when wet: A big mistake sump pump owners make is switching on the pump manually and then leaving it running well after the groundwater is gone. A sump pump running dryly can cause damage to its own internal components, breaking the entire thing. We suggest getting a model that has its own auto on-off function so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Testing and maintenance: Has it been a dry spell for a while and you don’t think your sump pump has run for months? Test it out before the next heavy rainfall by filling the sump pit with hose water. If it is an automatic system, it will engage itself when the water reaches a certain level. You can watch to see how fast it pumps out the excess water, and listen for unusual noises. Detect something unusual? Get a plumber on the job.

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