Water Leak Detection in Winchester, VA

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Think you have a leak behind your walls? Call (540) 773-8076 for professional leak detection and repair in Winchester, VA. 

Your indoor water line can develop leaks over time due to decay, rust, or freezing temperatures (especially with pipes that are poorly insulated). No matter the cause of your water leak, the resulting problem can quickly lead to a plumbing emergency if left unresolved.

If you suspect a hidden leak in your home, don’t hesitate to call Casco Plumbing And Well Pump Service for immediate water leak detection. We offer accurate, noninvasive leak detection services in Winchester, VA to help you track down difficult-to-find pipe leaks so you can have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Signs Your Winchester Home Has a Hidden Water Leak

It can be difficult to notice water line leaks right away since they are often concealed by your walls or ceiling. In some cases, leaks can develop for weeks or even months before anything is suspected.

Hidden leaks often occur in older properties with deteriorating water pipes. If you live in an older home, be on the lookout for these warning signs of a hidden leak:

  • Sudden spike in your water bill
  • Musty or moldy odors in your home
  • Continuously running water meter
  • Water stains on your ceiling or wall
  • “Bubbling” wallpaper

If you notice any of the problems above and think your home may be concealing a hidden leak, contact us for immediate leak detection. We will help you locate the affected area and discuss your options for repiping or pipe repair.

What to Expect from Our Leak Detection Services

At Casco Plumbing And Well Pump Service we offer homeowners noninvasive leak detection using industry-leading equipment and technology. Our services incorporate acoustic and infrared leak detection methods.

  • Acoustic leak detection—This method is designed to locate leaks through sound. The site of the leak will emit the loudest sound.
  • Infrared leak detection—Using an infrared camera, we are able to detect leaks through water movement and temperature. Infrared cameras are often paired with acoustic leak detectors to provide you with more accurate service.

Contact Our Winchester Leak Detection and Repair Experts

Hidden water leaks can create more serious plumbing problems if the leak isn’t detected and repaired in time. It can lead to significant water or structural damage and leave you with even more stress and headaches.

This is why it’s crucial to contact your Winchester plumber as soon as you suspect a leak in your home. Catching a leak early can help you avoid plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes.

Our experts at Casco Plumbing And Well Pump Service are here to help you locate hidden water leaks using the latest detection equipment. Once we have uncovered the extent of your problem, we can present you with options for pipe repair or whole-home repiping.

Don’t let a hidden water leak turn into a plumbing emergency! Contact us today at (540) 773-8076 to schedule immediate leak detection services in Winchester, VA.